Science Hustings for Scotland and Wales Elections

Science Hustings for Scotland and Wales Elections – Two science hustings events are taking place ahead of the upcoming elections in Scotland and Wales.

Celtic Academies Alliance launched to pool expertise

Critical time as the higher education and research sectors deal with challenges of Covid-19 and Brexit (Click to Read More)

‘Sector Deals for SMEs’

Monday 15th February 2021
5.30pm to 6.45pm
‘Sector Deals for SMEs’

How to tackle COVID-19 across developing countries

Global perspectives: How UK and international researchers are working together to tackle COVID-19 across developing countries

STEM For Britain 2020 – Winners

Discussion Meeting – Noise, Sound and Acoustics

‘Noise, Sound and Acoustics’

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The meeting will look at the profession of acoustics and consider some of the current policy challenges relating to effective management of noise.

Into the deep – Discovering our Oceans

As new research and innovation pushes the frontiers of exploration of the deep ocean and opens up new possibilities, what challenges do we face? And how can we responsibly seize these new opportunities?

Join the P&SC

Membership is open to all members of both Houses of Parliament, Universities, Scientific and Technical Organisations, industrial companies and organisations representing those affected by science…

Science and Food Manufacturing Discussion Meeting

The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee are holding a discussion meeting in partnership with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Food and Drink Manufacturing on Science and Food Manufacturing.

Human Fungal Diseases Meeting

Discussion meeting on Human Fungal Diseases on Monday 17 July 2017. How can we tackle these diseases affecting over a billion people across the world?