The UK’s Future Immigration System

By Robbie Lammas, Office of Stephen Metcalfe MP

Download the Bill Briefing Here

▪ Freedom of Movement will end.
▪ New UK immigration rules will apply to EU and Non-EU nationals alike in a single system from 2021.
▪ Immigration will shift from quantity to quality.
▪ Cap on highly-skilled workers increased.
▪ No numerical cap on skilled workers.
▪ A Levels to be counted for skilled-workers.
▪ £30,000 salary threshold to manage skilled migration.
▪ Low-skilled immigration to reduce.
▪ Graduate stay-time after studies increased.
▪ The Government will consult on immigration changes through 2019.
▪ Immigration Bill required to implement changes.
▪ No sudden immigration changes under a ‘No Deal’